Br. Rajesh Jireh
Bro. Rajesh is the founder of Jireh Missions, Coimbatore. He was born in a catholic family in Tuticorin and was brought up in Coimbatore. His parents had very high expectation of him that he would shine academically, but he failed their expectations in the earlier stage of his studies. Nonetheless, he has become an AMIE graduate with the grace and knowledge of God.
Bro. Rajesh since his childhood was surrounded by many problems. He was deeply depressed; his only companion was loneliness with none to share his feelings and emotions. Frustration gripped him which gradually increased and peaked at age 21 with family issues. The inability to live a holy life amidst of crushing situations also intensified the frustration, and the effort to find satisfaction in worldly entertainments and friends ended in vain. All these made him think twice about the survival of his very being and whenever this thought arose, the next thing that came to his mind was the Sunday Catechism class. It was taught in the Catechism class that to commit suicide was sin and people who do it would go to hell. This made him to think that he suffered in this world for so long and if he tries to commit suicide, he would again suffer in hell. This thought prevented him from heading towards suicide.

With all the ways shut and darkness being engulfed, he had a personal encounter with Jesus in the year 1993 after which his life took a dramatic turn. Jesus gave life to his soul and a new hope to overcome the frustration and darkness. After this experience, there was a great peace in his soul and mind even though there was worldly attraction and sin in him. This made him to realize how deeply Jesus loved him, and this in turn made him to hate the world and love only Jesus. His problems continued for another eight more years during which time the Holy Spirit laid the spiritual foundation in his life.

Jesus molded him and envisioned that he would be a witness among the youth and that his right hand will do mighty things. The experience of God ’s love and His plan for his future became the source of vigor for him to press on for God. Today, he is heading Jireh Missions with a great passion towards God’s kingdom and for the lost souls. Bro. Rajesh and his life partner Sis. Sheeba, an envisioned fellow worker to execute God’s plan, have been blessed with three children Sam, Alice and Magiman.



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