Prathna Club

The crucifixion of Jesus for the sake of our salvation was our God the Father’s greatest plan from the time when Adam and Eve fell into temptation. In order to fulfill this plan, Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane with a burdened heart and He also urged His disciples to join with Him in prayers. The next greatest plan the God wants to accomplish is the second coming of Jesus Christ which is almost near. In these Last Days, Jesus is interceding to our God the Father each and every minute without ceasing and He also urges that His people should accompany him in His prayers. Before the second coming of Jesus, God has so many plans to be carried out, but the Satan insidiously wants to disrupt the will of God. Only for this reason, Jesus wants us to join with Him in His prayers. In these Last Days, when the whole world is being filled with the darkness of sin as in Isaiah 60:1, our Catholic Church is being lifted still higher above the mountains and it is shining in the midst of the darkness as in Micah 4:1. The city shines with the light of the Good News and keeps glowing only when the power of prayer accompanies it and this is the reason for the ‘Prathna Club’ to emerge.  There about 60 Prathna warriors in total from throughout Tamil Nadu.  This Prathna Club functions in Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Viryur, and Vettavalam.

Prime motives of Prathna Club:

  • To pray for the Catholic Church
  • To intercede for our nation and other nations
  • To pray for the people who need mercy in the eyes of our Lord
  • To pray for the ministries which is carried out day by day

Daily Prathna

A crew of 13 full-time and part-time Prathna warriors continuously pray in our Prathna House, which is in our office premises from 11 am to 4 pm during the weekdays. The warriors pray in private for the above-mentioned motives and also intercede for the people who place their personal petitions so that our Lord who is unseen rewards them with the answers to their prayers.

Intercession Prayer

This is a special prayer time where the Prathna warriors come together on all weekdays between 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. with a unified thought to intercede for the common and personal petitions in order to plead God’s mercy on those prayers.

Prathna Magazine

It is a bi-monthly magazine which is distributed to around 100 Prathna warriors in different regions like Salem, Pondicherry, Tuticorine, Erode, Namakkal, Vettavalam, Karumathampatti, Sedhukuvaithan, etc. In the Scripture we see that when Nehemiah heard about the destruction of Jerusalem, immediately he was driven by the Holy Spirit and he prayed to our Lord for several days with a burdened heart. In the same way, this magazine came into existence with an intention of nourishing their souls spiritually and also to burden their hearts by providing some common and personal petitions in order to make them pray tirelessly in our Lord’s feet with the help of the Holy Spirit who kindles their soul.  Grab a copy for you today!

Mobile Prathna

      This project serves as an easiest way through which people from different regions can share their personal petitions to our Prathna warriors who are a team of six members, so that our Prathna warriors can help them in witnessing a miracle from our Lord by joining hands with them in prayers through phone, just like the four men who helped the paralyzed man to experience a miracle from our Lord.

Eager to witness a miracle ???

Find souls who are waiting to join with you in prayers @ 9597 288882,9597 822228

Prathna Gospel Meet / Prathna Fasting and Prayer

       As it is said in the scripture in 2 Chronicles 7:14, people from different regions assemble in a place for two days, where they humble themselves through fasting and seek the Lord in prayers for the prosperity of our nation, we join with a parish to fast and pray at Lord’s feet with their parish’s needs and petitions during the morning hours.  In the afternoon, we go for house visiting and invite the parishioners to come for the gospel meeting that will be conducted in the evening in the same parish.

Prathna Port

       Prathna port connects the public as well as the members of the Prathna Port. The public can SMS their prayer petitions to the Prathna Port and immediately the SMS will be sent to the Prathna Port members so that they will also join in prayers for that petition.

Load your prayer petitions to Prathna port @7708211112 and unload blessings in turn!

Prathna 365

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” says 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.  God has empowered us to carry out His will by praising and worshiping Him ceaselessly throughout the year through Prathna 365.  Our team is actively involved around the clock to exalt His name.

Like Jesus Camp

People from various parts of India are invited for this four days residential camp, where their minds get ignited with the words of our Lord. There are various sessions like Holy Mass, counselling, preaching, prayer, group discussions, culturals, dynamics, children’s ministry, etc. that occupy its own place in the camp with an aim to fulfil its purpose. The camp makes them to witness the transfiguration of our Lord Jesus and by the power of Holy Spirit every individual is transformed like our hero Jesus. The vision of our Lord on the lives of each and every individual is also revealed along with the experience of the massive anointing from above the skies and to grow with a zeal for Christ.

Want to rise up as a loyal soldier of Christ? Then get ready to make yourselves present in this camp to nourish your spirits…

Vision Meet

Twice a year few days are specially allotted to wait in our Lord’s feet in order to explore the visions of our Lord for the upcoming days and thus we can fulfill it as a loyal soldier of Christ.

Every year on the day when the vision of our ‘Jireh Missions’ took its form in the month of August, we wait in our Lord’s feet to get updated about the vision of our Lord for our ministry in the forth coming days.

The other day December is planned at the end of the year in order to know the heart of our Lord for the future of the world in common and also for individual people through various sessions.

On both the days, the vision of our Lord is clearly made known to His people who have taken their role as brave soldiers of our Lord and He also expects them to fulfill His visions by providing all the blessings needed for their mission to be completed.

Ready to start your mission to fulfil God’s vision? Join us!

Volunteers Gathering

Regularly on Sundays volunteers’ spirits are enlightened by the living words of our Lord, thereby motivating them to run for Christ restlessly. A one-day meeting is also arranged once in a while where they fast and pray in order to boost up their spirits so that they can succeed the race.

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