Mobile Prathana

Mobile-AppMobile Prathana is for everyone who has a mobile. The world has been transformed and it is really become so small, that you can connect with anyone with a mobile in seconds. So fast is the communication industry growing and God planted this idea of Mobile Prathana in our minds. We are able to reach the people who are in need just with a call or with a message with innumerable apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

For your prayer requests just send a message to the given number and it will be prayed by the 24 hour Prathana Club who are tarrying at the Lord's feed for the prayer requests.
A crew of 13 full time and part time Prathana warriors continuously pray in our Prayer House, which is in our office premises from 11 am to 4 pm during the weekdays. The warriors pray in private for all the prayer requests and intercede for the people so that our Lord who is unseen rewards them with the answers to their sincere prayers.



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