Youth Relax in Christ

This is a special event where the youth of our diocese are invited to make them ease off for a while with Christ. We conduct music and dance competitions to showcase their talents for Christ.  Their souls are refreshed by the essence of the good news, which is presented through various activities like dynamics, cultural, media, songs, prayers, preaching, etc. in order to make them posses the salvation of Christ as an ultimate treasure.

How long will you relax yourself in the usual way in this stressful world? Are you not bored of it? In the Scripture, Jesus welcomes those who are tired to come to him, for He is eager to give us rest.  You could have tried so many ways to relax yourselves till date. But why can’t you just try to experience the refreshment that is offered by our Lord Jesus, which is eternal?

Smart Summer n Smart Summer Refreshment Course

The season of summer reminds our youth only of Smart Summer, which they are waiting eagerly every year.  It is the most special five days residential camp organised for the youth where they experience the love and presence of our Lord overflowing in their hearts. It is a place where the deep hidden secrets of the Bible are sown into the young hearts through several means like dynamics, cultural, preaching, prayer, songs, etc. so that they may grow passionately for Christ in order to harvest the souls.  Apart from spiritual experience, a wide range of opportunities are placed before them so that their hidden talents can be brought out and to vivify leadership qualities in them. A special sharing about the relation between spirituality and the outside world like medicine, psychology, literature, etc. is also presented. It is also a wonderful chance to experience the massive anointing flowing out from the gates of heaven while worshiping and adoring our Lord, the Most High.

Students Meet

As an effort to morally support the students who are going to face their board examinations, we visit schools and conduct this meeting.  This is arranged with an intention to give them guidance for their exams accompanied by spiritual thoughts.   Here, the peace of our Saviour is imparted into their restless minds through various activities like preaching, spiritual counselling, prayer, dynamics, etc. The Lord has raised several testimonies among the students who have attended this meeting in the former days and our Lord is waiting to do the same to you also.

Are you nervous about the board exams in the midst of your stressful environment?  Calm down and find time in your busy schedule to be present in this meeting…

Valentine’s Day wid Jesus

In this tech-savvy world, everything is available online.  Even love is merchandised especially among youth, because many do not understand what real love is.  With God’s grace and burden, we make efforts to make contemporary generation understand the real love that was demonstrated on the cross in Calvary.Come and get drenched in God’s love and carry it to the world!

Youth Girls Meet & Youth Boys Meet

The youth boys & girls also gather separately in our office premises where their souls are moulded into a beautiful vessel in order to make them carry the love of Christ to people of the world.

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